The Story Of The Brand

Kronickle adopts an all-in-one approach, offering a unified platform for your entire marketing organization to converge. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple applications across disparate teams. With varying timelines and operational nuances within the marketing team, Kronickle becomes the definitive source of truth for both upstream and downstream collaborators.

The All-In-One Solution

Our user-friendly yet comprehensive suite of products empowers your organization to monitor every aspect, from strategic briefs to creative reviews to managing assets in our feature-rich DAM (Digital Asset Management) system.

This multifaceted approach ensures Kronickle tracks and provides insights into the entire life cycle of a marketing effort while adapting to the ever-evolving dynamics of collaborative work.

Our products

Project Hub

Project Hub

Kronickle's robust Project Hub is a feature-rich command center, enabling you to monitor every facet of your project seamlessly.

  • Strategy Brief development, tracking and automated updates
  • Creative review rounds tracking
  • In-app markups for creative rounds (more information below)
  • Seamless approvals routing through stakeholders and external partners
  • Project Collaborator assignments
  • Simple, secure, public links to share work with Executive-level stakeholders
  • And more

Markups and Submission Feedback

Kronickle equips users with powerful tools to provide precise feedback on project deliverables through markups and annotations. Includes a diverse range of file types, covering PDFs, images, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and even videos.

  • User-Friendly Markups/Annotations Functionality 100+ file types
  • Synthesized comments for organized follow-up and discussion
  • Accelerated feedback loop through secure links that can be shared with offline team and updates in real-time
  • Promotes collaboration and inclusivity across your entire project team
Automated Digital Asset Mangement

Automated Digital Asset Mangement (DAM)

As the project moves through Kronickle, metadata is auto-generated, simplifying the process of uploading assets to Kronickle's Asset Library (DAM). This user-driven automation sets us apart from traditional Digital Asset Management systems, offering a more intuitive and context-rich experience.

While conventional DAMs typically provide the Who, What, and When of an asset, Kronickle transcends these limitations by addressing the critical Why and How, crucial for the success of future marketing efforts.


  • Simple asset upload process and streamlined data-entry
  • Automated contextual metadata generation
  • Batch metadata update processes
  • Batch assest upload processes
  • Asset Collections Feature Carousel
  • Powerful search and filtering
  • Customized metadata and taxonomy tailored to your industry/brand
  • Comprehensive permissions and controls
  • Secure asset sharing links
  • And much more

With just a click, project collaborators gain not only access to the final deliverable but also a comprehensive view of the entire journey—from the original strategic brief to the successive creative iterations that culminated in the final deliverable.

Kronickle seamlessly combines the end product with the invaluable context of its evolution, empowering teams to make informed decisions and enhancing collaboration.

Talent Rights

Usage and Talent Rights

As the final deliverables take shape, Kronickle allows for the seamless entry and tracking of Usage and Talent information. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of incurring costly penalties due to non-compliance. By capturing this crucial data throughout the project phase, when assets are published to the library, all relevant usage rights information is automatically included. This ensures that users are promptly informed about the asset's usage rights, especially in cases of extensions or renewals.

Kronickle offers the convenience of setting up notifications, serving as timely reminders for the relevant stakeholders when expirations are approaching. This feature ensures that your team stays on top of critical expirations, preventing any unintended lapses in usage rights.

Employee Credits

Employee Credits

Kronickle acknowledges and highlights the accomplishments and contributions of project collaborators through an automated portfolio generation feature. In an era where teams are increasingly global, hybrid and remote, Kronickle serves as a valuable tool, enabling team members to effortlessly explore and appreciate the past achievements and expertise of their peers. This fosters a sense of connection and recognition within the team, even in dispersed work environments.

How We Work

As committed partners, we prioritize a deep understanding of your workflows. While Kronickle's greatest value lies in its all-in-one solution, we recognize that one size doesn't fit all. 85% of the Kronickle platform is a turn-key solution; the remaining 15% is meticulously customized to address your organization's unique challenges.

Our customization team guides you through discovery, requirements gathering, configurations, and onboarding, ensuring a seamless and effective integration of Kronickle into your organization.


All-in-One Solution

Kronickle combines project management, digital asset management, and company culture-building tools into one single ecosystem. This eliminates the disconnected and time-consuming experience of daisy-chaining multiple applications.

For Brand Builders

Designed and developed by brand builders for brand builders. Kronickle addresses the specific processes and logistical challenges Marketing Departments and Agencies face in creating, managing and sharing assets quickly and efficiently.

Transparent & Collaborative

Transcending departmental boundaries and recognizing that not all collaborators and key decision-makers share the same project life-span, Kronickle acts as a central touchpoint throughout the entire lifecycle of the marketing development process.

Employee Engagement

Kronickle simplifies the process of acknowledging and celebrating employee contributions. Recognizing the challenges of talent turnover, Kronickle provides a solution that streamlines the transfer of brand expertise, making onboarding for new team members more efficient and effective.

Share Work Effortlessly

Kronickle is engineered to generate previews for hundreds of file types, meaning even Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files can be previewed in-app. This facilitates swift and seamless processes for making markups and approvals.

Security in the Cloud

Kronickle is dedicated to safeguarding your data and users. Our platform is designed to shield you from potential threats by implementing robust security controls at every layer of our application and company operations. This ensures that you can concentrate on unleashing your creativity, confident in the knowledge that your information is secure and protected.

See Kronickle in Action

Kronickle is currently only available for enterprise-level customizations. Our SaaS solution for smaller agencies and brands is coming soon!